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- 8 hours ago

I… I have this anxiety about pubs. I don’t really want to be at the end of ‘stupid healer’ wold/zone birds….

But I just pubbed right now with a guildmate and gosh, wow, I’m the one doing the ranting, albeit privately, with my guildmate

Or maybe this is just an effect of, I dunno, it’s 3am and only now did we finish 3 GDN and 3 SDN runs. We started at 1am. What the fuck 

OTL someone party with us on SDN Norm to HC so we can sleep already ;___; 

LFP SDN Norm to HC 3/5 

- 9 hours ago

NOTHING infuriates me more than being such a waste of time. 

You should have admitted that you already limit GDN Norm two fucking parties ago, dammit 

- 10 hours ago



- 12 hours ago


As time goes by….
How I wish we could play together again…

Warrior, Archer, Sorceress, Cleric fanart by 酸素

- 16 hours ago
Anonymous whispered: ((Can it be an ask, too? *Cough*)) "Damn that's some fiiiiiine booty and hips you got there, Geraint" says the drunk dark haired warrior to himself as he gazes upon the gold dragon's buttocks. ((I'm sorry I'm so childish))



Love Birds

My inquisitor, Eckeheart, with fredlinajau's Majesty, Cyrra. 

Wow.. I love this!! I would love for my character to be drawn with my bf xD

- 18 hours ago


Or reading them, either.

Troll RC… so how exactly am I supposed to get it -_- 

ghe, stay safe ;_;

hehe, the place where I live is pretty much elevated and nearly impossible to flood, it’s just that the road goes downhill and so the water stays there and stuff… and I pass by three creeks just going to the highway haha

thanks Nikki <3

> be me
> try to go to work
> no trike, call xcolocoy that it’s hard to get to the highway. 6am. 
> wait 15 minutes, finally a trike! 
> first creek is tire-deep 
> past second creek is deeper than that 
> trike tries to switch us to a different trike, but other guy refuses
> trike drops us off 1/4 of the way to highway
> ??? No trikes coming from the highway
> decide to go home instead 
> walk in knee deep flood with water from the overflowing creek 
> walk in thigh-deep flood at the first creek
> get home. Tell neighbors that going outside is futile. 7am.

I feel so dirty. Bathed a second time. =_= wading through flood water so early in the morning dammit

- 1 day ago


Add: Chung!

Chung: What?

Add: Let’s go!

Chung: Go where?

Add: Yaoi train.. Right now.

Chung: Oh no..


They are here